Fagan-1.Com has been my site for many years. In the past, the site was very popular and attracted lots of visitors who were seeking new music. The Internet Archive below shows the site popularity from 2006 onwards. The site has been maintained by me throughout this time.

Between 2006-2009 the site was one of the most popular in Scotland to people of the same age as me. The main draw of the website was the availability of–-the then popular--PCDJ music. During this time, my site was the most updated and reliable hence it’s popularity.

Nowadays there is not as much demand for the music and the website gets rarely visited. The only people I imagine will come across this site will be people who were familiar with it from back in the day. For anyone unfamiliar you can check the web archive of the site below.

The Original '.TK' Site! (2005-2006)

This was where it started for me. There was a lot of people at the time making a '.TK' site. I decided to get involved and made my own design – I think this one was made using Macromedia Fireworks.

The First 'Fagan-1.Com' Site! (2006)

This was my first site with the domain and hosting. I designed the site in Photoshop and if I remember right, I used Fireworks for the slicing again. Some of my inspiration for this one came from EliteNick.Com, at the time he was promoting some good web designs and features within his site, things such as the affiliates and web stats I took from there.

Trying New Designs... (2006)

At this point I was experimenting with new designs. I wasn't thinking this at the time - it just happened as a coincidence - but this layout was more user friendly, with all of the content in the middle and very little distractions.

Nowadays this would be referred to as 'Dark Mode' (2007)

I liked the design of this one. I kept the blue theme going, but this time I changed from light to dark and I think it was cool. The glow around the navigation wasn't the best, but apart from that I think the colours went well. This site was larger in resolution compared to the rest, giving me more room to display content.

Final Design (2007-2008)

This site was my favourite mix of design and functionality. The content was split over two sections this time, with navigation above each box. The main draw of the site was the music (Tunes) and that got its own section on the home page. This way, users when they went on the site could see the latest music and download it quickly.

Christmas Site

This site was a take on the second design with some added festive cheer! I would change the appearance of the site during the festive period for fun.

The Mixtapes

It's not possible to make every track available like before; going forward, tracks will be available in the form of a mixtape. These will feature artists selected at random.
• Requests to feature on, or have a mixtape created can be requetsed using the request form here.
• Archived tracks that are available for request to be featured can be viewed here.

Select a mixtape from the images below and click it to see the options for listening.

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